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TVmaze Call for New Writers

Ahh, the kids are back in school and the weather is getting a little cooler. You know what that means.

Yes, a new USA Fall television season is about to start!

With the start of the new season, TVmaze is looking for writers to join our existing volunteer writing team. We are looking for writers to cover topics such as a particular field of television production, articles about various television genres, reviews of current or past television programs and/or episodes, or anything else in the world of television or streaming content.

Writing talent
Ability to work independently

Writers are asked to submit two completed articles per month and articles need to be between two hundred and five hundred words. (Longer is certainly acceptable!) Please be aware, articles are edited for grammar and spelling.

Interested writers should submit an article idea and a brief (one or two paragraph) intro for your topic to with the subject line "TVmaze Writer Submission".

The deadline for submissions is September 13, 2019

Written by Jan at Aug 28, 2019


Kric posted a year ago

I just saw this message. I moved the end of August and I'm just sorting through things now. I'm interested in writing having just retired from running a theatre company in Los Angeles for the past 11 years. Is there any compensation for the articles?


mtcoffin posted a year ago

"Ahh, the kids are back in school and the weather is getting a little cooler. You know what that means."

So you have to be a adult also?

Love the site and use it daily if not more, but sadly I wouldn't be able to help that much with raising 2 kids on my own I can get pretty busy at times. That's why as you have noticed I have edited a few empty episodes information to help fill shows that I watch and enjoy! That's really all that I can really do at this point in time. Thank you for everything, while keeping up the great work.

chbokor posted a year ago

$$$$$$$ Please.

Gislef posted a year ago

"Are pictures allowed in the articles?"

I hope so, or I've been doing something wrong for quite a while. :)

The image editor can be a little tricky. I'm sure Shelley will be glad to help, but if you can't reach her, drop me or my stepson Gislef a line. I'll have him PM you so you can PM him back. If you don't have an image-tweaking program like Photoshop, you might want to download something like the freeware Irfanview.

gdwarner posted a year ago

Oh, never mind. Just took a look at a couple. I'll come up with something in the not-too-distant ...

gdwarner posted a year ago

Are pictures allowed in the articles?

Gislef posted a year ago

That said, we don't do much "team work" because there isn't much teamwork required. If there's something you want to review that me or whoever is reviewing, just ask so we don't step on each other's toes. I'd be glad to step aside for anyone who wants to do MacGyver, Doctor Who, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, American Horror Story, and Supernatural I think it does help to commit to doing a review every week, but if you can't, you can't: I wish TVMaze did more reviews and had more reviewers. There's shows I watch that I don't have time to review, and there's hundreds of other shows out there that don't have any articles at all. TV is a big place. :)

If you need some help, then we'd be glad to help you. But that's where the talent and originality come in. There shouldn't be much that you need help with as long as you meet those two criteria. Write what you know, write in coherent English, make it interesting, and you can't go wrong.

If you want, take a look at the articles that are already out there.

LadyShelley posted a year ago

@shevanje030 Work independently basically is just what it says. Articles or topics aren't assigned like in a newsroom. If you agree to write reviews for a show, for example, it's expected you will follow through without a lot of hand holding or reminders. Does that help?

shevanje030 posted a year ago

Sweet… Could you just "elaborate" the third requirement (Ability to work independently) . Does it just mean no team work or something else. Thank you for the info. Exellent opportunity for younger entuziasts to get some experience!!!

Zuko-Halliwell posted a year ago

I wish I could, but unfortunately, I don't fit most of the requirements.

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