Free toilet roll with every Premium purchase while stock lasts.

Hi everyone, 

Since most of us are currently stuck home and catching up on shows. 
And because we wanted to make things more enjoyable for everyone...
We decided to activate premium functionality on all accounts for the next 30 days.

Stay safe,

Jan & David.

P.S. We couldn't get any toilet paper. Someone beat us to it at the store.

Written by Jan at Mar 20, 2020


Buda posted 19 days ago


zdenek777 posted 19 days ago

In St. Petersburg (Russia) there are no problems with toilet paper ... :)

TaScha posted 19 days ago

Awesome, thank you soo much and stay safe! ♥

AmieCoff posted 19 days ago

Hahaha if I was super desperate, you'd be hearing from me for my free toilet roll all the way from Australia LOL

I can't believe how bad it is in Australia! Forget about people panicking about contracting the virus, I'm talking about ToiletPaperGate! I never knew Aussies could be such terrible heartless people. We just got over months of catastrophic Bushfires with thousands upon thousands of people helping financially & with goods (including care packages with toilet paper included) to this! You see people knocking other people over or ripping packs of toilet paper out of the elderly (if they're lucky to find any) without a care for them.  

All sports have been canceled around the world but we still (for now) have our footy (AFL) Aussie Rules Football (NOT soccer) playing but with empty stadiums.

Keep up with your great work in here & thank you :) <3

SecureCloud posted 19 days ago

@bungle wrote:
2020 the great toilet roll pandemic.

Hahaha, so true..

SecureCloud posted 19 days ago

Thank You so Much, I got lucky at a Dollar Store in Buffalo, NY.. I got (2) 12 packs, generic brand.. but still soft-ish  :-)

ras44ecs posted 20 days ago

That's awful nice of you guys but, you know, I really needed that toilet paper! The local stores have had to limit sales. They're down to singles, like cigarettes... 1 square per person per day... $5 US.

Thank you all y'all.

Bob on the couch

GabriellaIoannidi posted 20 days ago

Thank you very much :) Stay safe. Love the functionallity


AdeBreda posted 20 days ago


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