Demelza Carne

The only daughter of an impoverished, brutal and alcoholic miner, Demelza is rescued from a life of violence by Ross who employs her as his kitchen maid. Outspoken and fiercely independent, her lively mind makes her thirst for knowledge.

Eleanor Tomlinson on Demelza

"For me Demelza was the character who really stood out as having the most incredible journey in Debbie Horsfield's script.

Demelza has a streetwise edge but never becomes too hard.
Eleanor Tomlinson

"She is extremely resilient and has this streetwise edge to her but she never becomes too hard. She has to be vastly different to Elizabeth (Ross's childhood sweetheart who is now engaged to his cousin) but you still have to love her, so for me that was really interesting to play.

"There's a vulnerability in the character which I really liked. Female roles as strong as this don't come around very often."


Main cast, played by Eleanor Tomlinson