Elizabeth Poldark

Elizabeth once promised herself to Ross, but after three years and rumours of his death, she agreed to marry his cousin Francis. When Ross returns, she is deeply tormented by long buried feelings. Desperate to remain true to Francis, Elizabeth can't help but feel she may have married the wrong Poldark...

Heida Reed on Elizabeth

"Elizabeth is fundamentally a nice, genuinely warm person and Debbie Horsfield (the script writer) has done an amazing job at bringing her alive and making my job so easy!

Elizabeth must do the right thing even if she suffers for it.
Heida Reed

"I think she is very much a lady of her time, trapped in her own world. It is important for Elizabeth to know her place in society and be respected by those around her. She could follow her heart more but she feels morally she must do the right thing even if she suffers for it. Elizabeth never voices regret but I think her predicament will strike a chord with people today.

"It was an awful miscommunication and Elizabeth is the type of person who will do the right thing and stick with her decisions because that is what she thinks a good person does - and that still stands in modern society."


Main cast, played by Heida Reed