Verity Poldark

Verity Poldark

Verity has been a dutiful daughter to her father Charles, but Ross' return finally allows her an opportunity to venture into society.

Ruby Bentall on Verity

"Verity's got a massive heart and is very kind and caring. She gets treated quite poorly by her family who don't seem to recognise what a great person she is and take advantage of her kindness. But she does also have great strength at times.

When Ross returns, for Verity it's like a brother coming home.
Ruby Bentall

"When Ross arrives home unexpectedly from the war she hasn't got any other thought in her head apart from 'He's alive!' While everyone else around the table is thinking about how his return will complicate things, Verity's the only one that just has this pure happiness to see him. They have a better relationship than she has with her brother, Francis, so for her it's like her brother coming home."


Main cast, played by Ruby Bentall
Guest cast, played by Ruby Bentall