Sunny is Regent (Head Clipper) to the Badlands' most powerful Baron, Quinn. He is the ideal right-hand man: a prodigiously skilled, merciless killer with a keen strategic mind, unflappable temperament and deep sense of loyalty. Found as a naked, starving child, Sunny remembers nothing about his origins or birth parents. He spent his youth as one of Quinn's Colts (teenage Clippers in training), and was only nine years old when he took his first life. He has slain hundreds since, growing inured to the act of killing, even as he records each death with a black line tattooed (kill tat) on his back. Naturally solitary, he has never sought friends. But a blossoming romance with a doctor named Veil has opened Sunny up to different ideas, and together they dream of a future far away from the Badlands. Sunny unwittingly takes the first steps toward that future when he meets M.K., a teenage boy who harbors lethal powers. In taking M.K. as his Colt, Sunny will unravel the mystery of his own past – and awaken to his true purpose as a human being.


Into the Badlands
Main cast, played by Daniel Wu