Arabella Strange

The daughter of a clergyman, Arabella Strange (née Woodhope) is a charming, caring and humorous young lady. Not rich, but very intelligent, and unconstrained by the social straitjackets of her time. She has loved Jonathan Strange since she was a girl, but wishes him to make something of himself: not for her own sake, but for his. When he does this, by becoming, somewhat surprisingly, one of the greatest men of the age, she is a little taken aback, but joins her new husband on his exciting journey into the realms of English Magic. However, she is more worldly than he, and less trusting of people. She knows that with his new profession comes jealousy, rivalry, and danger; and she seeks to protect him from these as best she can. Unfortunately, she does not see the danger that she herself is in until it is much too late.