Asa Farrell

Asa Farrell is a cousin of Foster Farrell the 6th, who is the son of clan leader Lady Ray. Asa's fascination with the world below led him to leave the clan as a teenager. For the next decade, Asa lived amongst the rest of us, ultimately ending up on the West Coast. He quickly learned that the only thing that really mattered in the outside world was money. After hitting rock bottom, Asa decided to go back to Shay Mountain and his family. Despite his newfound commitment to mountain life, Asa's experience away from the Farrells will make it difficult for him to fully be a part of the clan again. He will remain somewhat conflicted about life on the mountain. His being different than the rest of his family will make it difficult for them to unite behind him - despite the fact that his ability to read and converse cogently with state authorities will end up being indispensable in the family's struggle to save their way of life.


Main cast, played by Joe Anderson