Simon Olenski

Simon Olenski, has a competitive streak and plenty of talent to back it up. As one of The Gazette's senior reporters, he's seen his fair share of the good and evil characters that run the city. He was a boy wonder whose gift for writing brought him prizes, recognition and a solid career at the city's top paper.

A couple years ago Simon moved from the City Hall beat to Crime, bringing with him his commitment to fairness and justice. Years of experience covering local government have also taught him to be cynical and question authority. But one mistake a few years ago put him one the outs with the local cops, so when big stories hit, he's not the guy who gets them.

Enter Daisy Channing, the newbie who has a major story fall right into her lap. As she was interviewing a source, his friend was shot dead right in front of them. Simon can only watch in frustration as Daisy scores an unwitting coup.
Complicating matters further, his editor, Mary Foster sets him up as Daisy's mentor. Before long Simon begins to have real feelings for Daisy which puts him in a quandary. He has a fiancé but he's drawn to the sexy, hungry cub reporter who brings some spark back into his life.