Goldie Herschlag

The founder and proprietress of Goldie's comedy club is a living legend. Goldie's is the place to be for every up-and-coming comic in LA -- the next stop for the lucky ones is Johnny Carson's stage. She knows it and they know it, and that's why she can be tough as nails and run things the way she pleases. However, she also has a true soft spot for her inner circle of comics. More like a den mother than a boss, she's their confidante, coach, banker, landlady and even seamstress when necessary. A product of the Borscht Belt and Catskills comedy scene, Goldie has finely-tuned instincts when it comes to comedy. But it's lonely at the top, and all that power she has amassed makes it hard for her to have real connections, especially with her estranged teenaged daughter.


I'm Dying Up Here
Main cast, played by Melissa Leo