Zach (Kyle Toy) is the personal assistant to Kyle West (Josh Henderson), one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and co-conspirator with Kyle's fiance Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) in their quest to take down the leader of the Institute of the Higher Mind, the self-help organization that Kyle is a spokesperson for.

Zach was raised in the Los Angeles-area self-help group, the Institute of the Higher Mind, with his mother being an early member. Under the misguided impression that his mother needed professional mental-health therapy, Zach assisted Terrence Anderson (Michael Vartan), the leader of the Institute of the Higher Mind, in taking Zach's mother to "the facility": an undisclosed location where The Institute of the Higher Mind performs secret and potentially devious procedures on members without their consent, under the guise of helping them. This is the same facility that Megan was taken to against her will in season 1. Zach's mother's visit to "the facility" resulted in her suicide 2 weeks after being released, which Zach blames Terrence for. Zach now leads an underground group of Institute of the Higher Mind members who are committed to ending Terrence's reign over the self-help group. In season 2, Zach shocks Megan by secretly revealing that he has potentially incriminating information on the Institute of the Higher Mind and it's leader, Terrence, and brings her into his underground group. Together they devise a scheme to dig up solid evidence that will put Terrence away for a very long time. Zach and Megan secretly go about their plan until Zach is discovered using a burner phone by Kyle in his Malibu mansion. When Zach refuses to divulge who he was talking to, Kyle calls Terrence and they take Zach to "the facility" where he is interrogated under the threat of being injected with the same substance that was injected into Megan in season 1, and likely into Zach's mother. Eventually, Zach pretends to "break" and says that the burner phone was used to secretly contact his drug dealer and that he didn't want his employer, Kyle, to find out that his previous attempt to kick the habit was unsuccessful. Terrence is skeptical of this explanation and keeps Zach locked in a cell until Kyle arrives to question him himself. When Kyle is alone with Zach, Zach insists that he is being truthful. Kyle takes pity and tells Zach that Terrence will not stop until he gets the truth and that it's pointless for Kyle to let Zach go as Terrence will find him wherever he goes. Zach still refuses to give any information and tearfully accepts his fate. He leaves Kyle with one one plea: "Just keep him (Terrence) away from Megan".

Zach is left in the cell until Megan reveals to Kyle that she and Zach were trying to take down Terrence. Kyle then negotiates the release of Zach with Terrence and takes him to the bus terminal. Before Zach leaves, Kyle asks him where he will go. Zach simply responds, "I don't know. Far from here".


The Arrangement
Guest cast, played by Kyle Toy