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Harvey Specter

Top attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) has built his career and life around one thing: winning. Whether it's inspiring witnesses, bullying CEOs, or charming the opposing counsel into bed, Harvey will do anything to get the "W." So when a chance encounter led Harvey to Mike Ross, Harvey leapt at the opportunity to add a mind like Mike's to his arsenal.

Taking the young man under his wing, Harvey served as a mentor to Mike and helped him to negotiate the complicated legal world. And though the cutthroat super attorney would never admit it, his young mentee's optimistic worldview changed him for the better.

Since then, Harvey has risen to the position of name partner and taken on all comers who would dare attack his firm, including the SEC. He's also tried, and failed, at love with his old flame, Dana Scott, and butted heads with Mike during his protégé's brief tenure as an investment banker. Thankfully, Harvey and Mike are back on the same team, but even with Mike at his side and Donna in his corner, Harvey may not be prepared for what Louis has planned now that he is in on Mike's secret.

(Source: USA Network)

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Main cast, played by Gabriel Macht