Josh Griffiths

Dependable Josh was the kind of paramedic everyone would love to have care for them in an emergency. He was highly trained and intelligent, and his quick thinking and bravery helped save countless lives over the years. Josh was also funny, good humoured and sensitive. However, after enduring more than his fair share of trauma in his personal life, he also felt things deeply, even if it didn't always show.

He was devoted to his wife, Helen, and his daughter and son but their lives were cut short in a house fire. Josh was on duty that day, and was called to the scene to assist. His daughter was the only member of the family to escape from the fire. Josh returned to work within two weeks of the tragedy, but later developed a gambling and drinking addiction which he took two years to overcome.

(Source: BBC)


Main cast, played by Ian Bleasdale
Guest cast, played by Ian Bleasdale