Wayne or Lose

Emily Locke is hired as the Director of R&D at Wayne Security in Charm City. Her job is to come up with ways to protect civilians from superfights. However, she soon discovers that she wasn't the first choice--or the fourth--for the job, and that their company is being shut down unless she comes up with an idea.


By Gadfly on Feb 3, 2017

Charm City, 8:16 am Emily Locke is taking the train to work and tells her fellow passenger that she moved there for a new job. The man says that Charm City sucks, just as they hear a crash from outside. Emily runs to the window and watches a superhero and supervillain fight. The other passengers could care less, but Emily watches them, thrilled. The villain Jack-O-Lantern blasts at the heroine, Crimson Fox, and his energy blasts take out the track ahead of the train. Emily explains that sh…

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Chrelle66 posted a year ago

Not a bad start. This could be fun.

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