Sinking Day

Van manages to lose the company their biggest client, and Van Sr. is none too thrilled. To get his father's respect back, Van has Emily set up a Sinking Day party for new prospective Atlantean customers.


By Gadfly on Feb 17, 2017

Emily, Teddy, Ron, and Wendy are watching a newscast about an attack on Atlantis a week before Sinking Day, commemorating the sinking of Atlantis. Later, Van calls Emily into his office and says that he just got the latest sales report. It says that sales have gone up, and Van admits that he's not a big chart guy. Van says that he's telling his father that it's time he get promoted to the Gotham office. Emily points out that sales went up the month that she started, but Van doesn't get it. Va…

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vidomark posted 2 years ago

It's getting better with every episode

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