Chapter 4

While David meets an apparent ally in the astral plane, Ptonomy, Kerry, and Syd try to track down the source of David's memories and learn which are real and which are not.


Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Mar 2, 2017

Within a crystal chamber floating in a void, Oliver Bird welcomes the viewers and says that they're there to talk about human nature. He says that people's fear and anger are the root of all their problems. Oliver's drink turns solid and he stares at it for a moment, and then goes back to his speech. He talks about the stories that adults tell children: stories of empathy and stories of fear. Oliver then says that the story for tonight will feature a fuzzy little bunny that got too close to the…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 9 months ago

What am I watching here, this is crazier than any LSD trip I ever had...keep it coming guys, I am ready for more!

pentar posted 9 months ago

Austin Powers! amirite?

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