Chapter 6

David and the others find themselves at Clockworks, but only one of the them believes that something is wrong. Meanwhile, the Devil tells David what's really going on.


By Gadfly on Mar 16, 2017

At Clockworks in one-on-one therapy, Melanie sits and plays with her hair. Lenny tells her to be honest and admit that she misses Oliver, and Melanie finally says that she does. The therapist says that's why Melanie came up with the idea of the frozen man who doesn't age or change. Melanie says that she's okay with change, and Lenny points out that Melanie hasn't changed anything in 20 years and keeps the fantasy alive that Oliver isn't dead. The older woman insists that Oliver is coming back, a…

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Episode Discussion

teros posted a year ago

Too weird and uncoherent. Ultimately it becames too tiring to watch. A failed atempt for something original. Pity because it had some potential.

JuanArango posted a year ago

Do not worry folks, it is just like you are on an LSD trip :)

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