On the Road

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit the road in search of God, and quickly realize they're being stalked by a killer cowboy from Hell.


By Gadfly on Jun 26, 2017

On Day One of their search for God, Jesse, tulip, and Cassidy drive across the country. They're driving to see Jesse's friend Mike, because Jesse figures that he's a good place to start. He explains that Mike is a religious scholar, while Cassidy talks about circumcision foreskins in face cream. Tulip refuses to discuss it and turns on the radio. A police car drives past them and Tulip slows down, but the policeman turns around and turns on its sirens. She says that she'll just do her Afghan war…

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Episode Discussion

GregClark posted a year ago

Looking forward to seeing tonight's premier episode for season 2!

Kaitlin posted a year ago

Can't wait for season two to start, great series.

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