Come Fly with Me

Mitch finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he becomes reacquainted with Tanner, the abused nine-year-old boy, whom he saves from his abusive father, Blake, and lets the boy stay at his house while Alex becomes Mitch's co-conspirator in helping Tanner. Meanwhile, Jessie has a secret admirer that turns out to be a stunt pilot who is apparently leaving her expensive gifts in her lifeguard tower, much to J.D.'s indifference. Alex has her share of trouble when several swimmers show signs of food poisoning from a bad batch of hot dogs. And Mitch and Tanner bond during a ride on the windjet but it's interrupted by Blake, the abusive father, and a fight breaks out between Mitch and Blake. In the end, Blake heads off to prison and Mitch becomes Tanner's foster dad and Tanner moves in with him.

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