Weak Link

Dawn Masterton, a specialist in the human body, joins the team, but the other members are not confident in her skills. When they start off with an exercise led by Dawn herself, she blacks out, and the other team members have to rescue her. Dawn and J.D. later discuss how they should handle their little secret, that they know each other from before, and decides to keep it secret. Dawn manages to annoy Jessie with initiating that Jessie does not have a chance against her when it comes to J.D. Mitch and Tanner joins Allie on a helicopter ride, but it ends pretty soon when they notice a possible victim waving at them from shore nearby. Later on, Tanner meets a girl who wants to teach him to ride the waves on a board. He then discovers that she's really sick and wants to end her life. J.D. gets to ride the boat "America's Cup" and makes it to the team, but he turns them down. In the end, Sean wants to cut Dawn from the team, but Mitch refuses, so he gives her an underwater challenge she passes perfectly.

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