Father of the Groom

Hobie is suddenly getting married and Mitch needs to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Sean notices that Kekoa hesitates a lot like she's afraid to commit to the team, and demands that she finds out why before she gets someone killed. She thinks it's because she's so afraid of failure, something she's been afraid of for a long time. Mr. Tanaka, her father, wanted a son, but he got her instead, so she's always tried to be the best athlete - and she's made it. That is until she joined Baywatch, where all the people are top trained, which leads to her decision of leaving Baywatch since she does not think she can change something that goes this deep. Before everything is settled with Kekoa deciding to leave the team, the lifeguards have to make a difficult rescue to a victim trapped in an underwater cave. Kekoa has not left the team yet, so she helps out as best as she can. When performing CPR she breaks down completely before the victim wakes up, and realizes just how much of a difference they've done this day. In the end, this means that Kekoa overcomes her fear of failure.

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