A Good Man in a Storm

There's a hurricane coming, and the lifeguards at the Baywatch headquarters are all preparing for the worst. In the middle of this mess, Jenna sends a false rescue to Sean because she needs a ride back to HQ. This puts them both in a dangerous situation as the storm is approaching when they're far away from the other lifeguards. They accidentally crash their Scarab and find shelter in an old military bunker. A tree falls over the entrance making it impossible for them to get out, and later on it's starting to leak water into the small bunker. Sean manages to find a drain, but the water is not draining at the same speed it's flowing in. They both realize that they're going to drown in there, and share a lot of personal experience with each other. At HQ, Zack is all alone with his music and Jason's donuts. All of a sudden, a tourist approaches. He later finds out that she's a freelance journalist named Ivy, searching for some big news to get on television. She is so desperate that she's going to put them both in danger.

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