Terror on Sycamore Street

Kate has a confrontation with a shady federal agent (Clu Gulager). In defending a homeowner on a self-defense charge -shooting an armed intruder- she discovers the agent planted false evidence. Narcotics agents press for a murder conviction against a homeowner who killed an agent in self-defense. When a terrified homeowner shoots an armed intruder in a "wrong door" drug raid, it looks like a simple case of self-defense. But Kate McShane has to fight a murder charge against her client when evidence is planted by a dishonest Federal agent. Narcotics inspector Brenner (guest star Clu Gulager), bitter over the fatal shooting of a fellow officer by Kate's client, Norman Kagan, refuses to admit Kagan's home was raided by mistake. Kate realizes, therefore, that is is her client's word in court against that of the Government agent.

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