Dead or Alive

A "collector" from Earth-19 arrives to take H.R. to pay with his life for traveling between dimensions. While Cisco challenges her to a trial by combat, Iris sets out to make her mark on the world before the future that Barry saw comes to pass.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Feb 1, 2017

Two criminals are buying advanced weaponry from a supplier when Flash arrives. They open fire on Flash, who easily dodges the shots. H.R. steps out of the fog carrying a vortex cannon and laughs maniacally as he prepares to shoot... Cisco interrupts H.R. as he dictates his new novel, and says that Flash needs help. Julian complains that the team is disorganized, but Cisco tells him to watch and learn. On the street, Flash and Kid Flash chase after the kidnappers in their bus. The speedsters s…

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