A new metahuman, Clive York, goes after the alternates of the people that wronged him in Flashpoint. Meanwhile, Iris and Barry finally tell Joe about what Barry saw in the future.

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By Gadfly on Feb 8, 2017

Flash and Kid Flash prepare to race, and Flash explains that Cisco set up sensors to train Kid Flash's speed. Kid Flash promises to make Flash eat his dust, and Cisco starts taking bets. The speedsters begin and race through Central City, ending up neck-and-neck. Flash phases through a wall to win when Kid Flash has to go over the building. Kid Flash complains that he can't phase, and Flash tells him that he has to learn how to do I if he's going to save Iris from Savitar. Later, Barry meets…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 10 months ago

From this point forward, no more secrets.

Until next week, of course.

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