When Mon-El and Hank bring Kara to Earth-1 to ask Team Flash for help, Music Meister puts Barry under his spell as well and traps him and Kara in a musical where they have to finish the story to escape... and if they die in the musical then they die in real life as well. This story line started at the end of Supergirl: "Star-Crossed", Season 2, Episode 16.


By Gadfly on Mar 22, 2017

The Past Nora watches Singing in the Rain with a young Barry and says that when people sing, they open up their souls. Now Barry is at Carlos' apartment watching Singing in the Rain. Cisco tells him that he should go out and do something, but Barry refuses. His friend says that he needs to get out of the dumps since he and Barry broke up. H.R. calls and they head to STAR Labs. The others are there and a breach has opened. It's Hank and Mon-El, caring an unconscious Supergirl. Hank warns…

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