Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

It's Valentine's Day, and Kara finds herself dealing with the amorous advances of Mxyztplk, a fifth-dimensional being with unlimited magical powers. Meanwhile, Alex discovers that Maggie hates Valentine's Day, while an alien woman hits on Winn.

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By Gadfly on Feb 21, 2017

Mxyzptlk materializes candles, musicians, and flowers. He then offers Kara a ring and says that he loves her and wants her to be his wife. Mxyzptlk asks if she will marry him, and Mon-El grabs Mxyzptlk and says that Kara is with him. When Mon-el swings at Mxyzptlk, he teleports away, strips him down to his underwear, and teleports him to the DEO. Kara demands answers from Mxyzptlk, asking where he is from. The imp says that he's an interdimensional man about town and conjures Kara into a dres…

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