The Attic

Some people believe that all our knowledge of the world comes to us through sensory perception and powers of reasoning. Others believe that we can gain knowledge through intuition, a—sixth sense.

When Selena and her 3-year-old son move into an old house in Michigan, she cannot ignore what she senses. In the attic, she becomes dizzy and nauseated for no apparent reason. In the kitchen, she knows with absolute certainty that she is being watched— though no one else is there. A series of photographs show what she cannot see with the naked eye: an evil face in the attic, and the faint image of a man in the kitchen.

Armed with proof that the house is haunted, Selena and her sister enlist the help of a psychic with powers beyond simple intuition. He explains that the house is a place of suffering—for the dead, and for the living.

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