The Unleashed

Some Native American myths speak of supernatural creatures that protect the dead. Early explorers among the Algonquin tribes of the northeastern United States told tales of werewolves, demons and a flesh-hungry beast called the Wendigo.

22-year-old Randy, a lifelong resident of the Great Lakes region, is fascinated by tales of the esoteric and the occult. When he discovers the skeleton of a Native American beneath the hearth of his rental house, he begins studying various spiritual traditions. He recites an incantation from a book on witchcraft, hoping to make contact with spirits of the dead. Soon after, a cold, growling monster appears at the foot of his bed, and tries to strangle his loved ones. Randy eventually realizes that the evil spirits do not want the house. they want him.

Randy is willing to resort to any means necessary—even the witchcraft that brought on the curse—to save his life. But the old religions cannot close the door that he has opened.

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