Dirt Nap Time

While Liv tries to track down who stole the cure, she and Clive investigate the murder of an aggressively cheerful preschool teacher who was a womanizer on the side. Meanwhile, Major discovers the downside of being human after he has to pretend to be a zombie to stay employed at Fillmore Graves.


By Gadfly on May 17, 2017

Major tells Liv and the others that he gave the cure to Natalie. Liv assures him that it's Blaine fault for faking his memory loss, and figures that he's now stolen the remaining cures. Ravi warns that Don E might have stolen the cures, but Liv is sure that it's Blaine. She promises to beat a confession out of him, and assures Ravi that it's her rather than her hot mess brain. A drunken Blaine is performing at the piano lounge and a few people applaud. He staggers out and Liv punches him in t…

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