Lucky Leon

Lois and Clark try again to have their first date when Jimmy gets arrested for a murder. Perry bails him out and everyone tries to find out who the real murderer is. In the meantime, Superman is tricked and steals nuclear warheads from the government to give them to terrorists, thinking that he was doing the opposite; returning stolen nuclear warheads to the government. As it is revealed, behind the murder and the stealing, is Jimmy's boss from his second job, Lucky Leon (John Kapelos), who is also involved with Intergang. Superman finds where Lucky Leon is and gets him arrested, returning the nuclear warheads to where they belong. During the episode, Lois and Clark do have their first date and at the end of the episode, they kissed for the first time. While they are kissing, Mayson (Farrah Forke) gets into her car which is trapped with bomb. Clark hears the bomb and runs to save Mayson but he gets there too late. Before she dies, Mayson sees his Superman costume underneath his clothes and realizes that he is Superman and she also whispers into his ear the word: "resurrection".

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