Double Jeopardy

Starting from where the previous episode ended, Lois' clone pretends she is tired to avoid having sex with Clark, leaving him confused and disappointed. Clark realizes that Lois is acting weird but he does not know what is going on. At the same time, Lex Luthor (John Shea) has the real Lois and plans to leave the town with her. He also tells her that Clark married the clone and till he notices, the two of them will be far away. The clone discovers that Clark is Superman and decides that she wants to be with Clark. To be able to do that, she has to kill the real Lois who escapes from Lex but she gets hit by a car and suffers from amnesia. She believes that she is Wanda Detroit, the main character of a book she was writing and gets a job at a bar as a singer. With the clone searching for her to kill her, Lex offers Clark his help to find Lois. When Lex hears where Lois is and that she believes she is Wanda, he pretends to be Kent (a man from the book that Wanda wants but believes she cannot have) and lies to her about who Clark is and what to tell him so the two of them can be together. When Clark finds her, Lois tells him that she never loved him and that she loves Lex and wants to be with him. Clark angrily promises Lex that he will do anything to bring Lois back. Lex and Lois then drive off leaving Clark alone with the clone.

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