Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II

It's Jonah and the bots vs. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II, a "sequel" to the previous movie that has nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Kinga gets an idea to seize control of the TV industry and start a family.


By Gadfly on May 4, 2017

Jonah and the bots are on a downer day: it's raining outside in space and they can't play. The tube comes down to suck Jonah into the intro. Afterwards, the Mads call for the Invention Exchange. Jonah presents GIF Notes, a condensed version of CliffNotes. The mads have Punt Bunnies, the only bunny they can punt. Kinga is glad to punt one, but Max refuses until a Punt Bunny begs him to do so. They then present the sequel to Wizards of the Lost Kingdom. Ardy calls to report that they've had a movi…

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