Episode 2

Episode 2 features the hospital maintenance boys Martin and John, who also double up as the hospital fire and rescue team. Helicopters can't land until the boys are in their positions so when they get a call about an incoming emergency, they must drop everything and run. Susie is one of the most experienced A&E consultants working with both adults and children. One minute she is treating a man with a life threatening haemorrhage, the next she is trying to understand why 2-year-old Frank has been fitting. Susie reveals that even consultants can have self doubt, but that she'd rather ask for help from her colleagues than be an arrogant know it all! In the Macmillan unit, consultant Venkata is meeting one of the hospital's newest inpatients, Glynn, who has just been diagnosed with a tumour in his lung. Only time will tell if the treatment will be successful and Venkata knows that a difficult time lies ahead for Glynn and his family. Elsewhere in the hospital, consultant surgeon Arthur uses a Motown soundtrack to create a relaxed atmosphere in his theatre, housekeepers Collette and Sarah are keeping up spirits on the elderly ward, and the domestic team reveal an unusual cleaning method. We see how all of the staff in different departments care for patients who come to the Royal Derby in their own unique way.

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