Go Get 'Em Tiger

Sniglet unleashes his master plan... or does he? Jay will never become lieutenant... or will he? Monica is a prisoner in the hands of a vicious serial killer... or is she? Hornbein wrangles an invitation to Pritkin's wedding... or does he? And Angie... is she?


By Gadfly on Jun 13, 2017

Sniglet stitches double-breasted suit for an armadillo, and an imprisoned Monica says that he'll never get away with. A fire alarm goes off, warning Sniglet that thereis someone at the front door. He tells Monica to be quiet and goes to answer the door. It's a police officer, who confirms Sninglet's identity and then tells him that he has some bad news: there have been break-ins in the area. The officer asks Sniglet to open the door so he can slip him his card, and he fails to see Monica in the…

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