The Devil You Know

At the hospital, Kevin meets someone intent on using him as a test subject to determine how the mist kills. Meanwhile, Mia goes home while Jay saves Alex from an unexpected danger.


By Gadfly on Jul 28, 2017

Jonah goes back to Bryan's room and demands to know who he is. Bryan says that he's his friend and realizes that Jonah doesn't remember. He asks if Jonah is okay, and then attacks him. Jonah fights back and Jonah wraps a IV line around Bryan's neck and demands to know who he is. Bryan says that "they" will find him, and tries to fight free. Jonah has no choice but to kill him. Dr. Bailey finds Kevin and asks where Mike is. He realizes that Mike didn't make it, and Kevin refuses to discuss how…

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Episode Discussion

jerry1970 posted a year ago

Last episode for me, what a pain it is to watch such bad dialogue and character actions, reactions, and lack of development. The acting is OK, but the script is really really bad.

Kaitlin posted a year ago

Watched several episodes and it is slow and Uninteresting, I think if the series is to made it show more monsters like from the movie of the same name.

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