Hyperion Heights

Years after he leaves Storybrooke, Henry finds himself in Seattle trying to write a second book. A young girl, Lucy, arrives at his doorstep and claims that he's her daughter, even though he remembers his family dying in a fire. Now Henry travels to Hyperion Heights and meets some familiar faces as well as newcomers as he tries to discover the truth about his past.


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By Gadfly on Oct 7, 2017

Once Upon a Time, there was a magical forest filled with fairy tale characters. One day a powerful curse trapped them in a city, which had no magic. And each of them forgot who they really were. This is how it happened... Regina asks Henry if he's sure about it. He tells his mother that college isn't anywhere and he needs to leave now that they have their happy endings. Now he needs to figure out what his story is. When Henry returned to the Sorcerer's mansion, he found hundreds of other book…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted a month ago

You guys should have stopped this series last season with that very happy ending. Instead, you've almost completely dismantled the entire show, brought in foreign characters who used to NOT be foreign, (all the push for more so-called diversity apparently) and just completely ruined it. Shame you didn't quit while you were ahead and the story was still interesting to watch. If it weren't for Regina, who is apparently now Ronnie, I wouldn't have even finished the episode.

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