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In the premiere of this legal drama, successful lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) hires brilliant college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) as a new associate at a top law firm despite the fact that Mike doesn't have a degree. In order to work together, both parties have to keep up the ruse to convince their coworkers that Mike is a real lawyer.

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TonyMayhew posted 3 years ago

Watching Suits for the first time

On July 23rd 2011, Suits aired its first episode on the USA Network.

Being in the UK, I’d not heard anything at all about the show until I started to see comments being pssted about it on various social media websites.

Intrigued, I did a little search to see what all the fuss was about and it wasn’t long until I knew that I needed to see this show!

I’m a big fan of shows like Harry’s Law, Franklin & Bash and Boston Legal, so this seemed right up my street as a must watch series but, imagine my dismay when I found out I’d have to wait until January 17th 2012 to see it air on channel Dave here in the UK!

To me, this wasn’t an option I was prepared to wait for, so I did a bit more digging & I eventually found a way to watch it here in the UK without having to wait nearly 6 months (Wink, wink).

Now, the time had finally arrived. I made some fresh coffee, stretched out on the couch and pressed play on the remote control…..

In the very first scene, we get to meet Harvey Specter (Played by Gabriel Macht) & within minutes you know he’s the hot shot of the law firm. He is good looking & cocky, but also knows exactly what he is doing and even when he doesn’t know, he will act like he does in such believable ways that the clients fall for his charms & stubbornness.

Next, we meet Mike Ross (Played by Patrick J. Adams) who is a genius college dropout with a photographic memory.

Currently unemployed, he makes money by doing other people's exams & getting them the passes they need, for the right price.

Always struggling for money, Mike discovers he needs to find $25.000 to keep his terminally ill grandmother in a private nursing home, so he agrees to deliver a large case of marijuana for his best friend, Trevor (Played by Tom Lipinski).

The delivery turns out to be a police sting operation & so Mike runs away from them, straight into the room being occupied by Harvey Specter, who is there doing interviews for a new Harvard Law-educated lawyer as an associate.

As they chat, Mike proves to Harvey he is the best candidate and Mike is consequently hired, despite never getting a college degree or attending Harvard.

And so, Mike starts at law firm Pearson Hardman, working alongside Harvey who takes him under his wing. We get to meet the other stars of the show throughout the next 15 minutes as Mike takes a tour of the law firm with Rachel Zane (Played by Meghan Markle).

This is about as far as I’m willing to “Spoil” the pilot episode & I (Hopefully) haven’t given away anything of any real consequence but, it goes without saying, the rest of the first episode is filled with fast-paced dialogue, deals & humour.

I will admit, the episode wasn’t the best pilot I ever saw, but it absolutely showed potential & I like that they used the first episode to introduce the various main characters from the show, while keeping a pretty good story arc going through it.

As the episodes and seasons come and go, Suits has now become my “Must See ASAP” show & everything else takes a back seat.

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