Episode 2

The new series continues, focusing on the work of the police, paramedics and fire service in Wiltshire. Over the last decade, incidents of violence perpetrated by young men have risen by 22%. This episode examines the stories behind the calls and crimes, exploring why so many young men now seem to be struggling with a crisis of masculinity. In Swindon, officers Emily Grigor and Simon Sanghera are called to arrest a man in his early twenties who has ripped off his top in a drunken rage before putting his fist through a wall and his foot through a window in a bar. Drunk and allegedly high, he says he believes it's his right to do what he wants. It's an all too regular call for PC Sanghera, who says 'they've never been taught how to be a man.' Meanwhile, Wiltshire's emergency services now receive 35 calls a day from men saying they are unable to cope. Paramedics are called to help Danny who, dressed in a Superman onesie, has attempted suicide.

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