Clarice's powers run out of control, threatening the Mutant Underground. Meanwhile, Jace threatens Reed, Lorna deals with life in prison, and Caitlin helps Marcos get the medicine they need for Clarice.


By Gadfly on Oct 10, 2017

One Year Ago The Struckers are bowling and Reed's mother Ellen is with them. Andy scores a strike and Lauren goes next. She takes down nine pins and uses her power to secretly knock down the last pin for a strike. In the neighboring lane, a girl's face is vibrating. When Lauren points it out, Caitlin says that it's none of her business. The girl's father objects when the others in the alley stare at his daughter. The girl releases a burst of energy, and Reed tells the father that he's a feder…

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MikeS posted a year ago

Well, all US citizens are a-holes (we knew that), not counting a few, who's STILL running around whining, in the shut down factories from when the US was still up and running. And everything just get from hell to fu... up. zzzzzz.....
I'm out.

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