A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks

Jim acquires an unexpected ally when he travels to Miami to get Carmine to help him against Oswald. Meanwhile, Oswald ships an antique knife into the city and several interested parties seek to obtain it.


By Gadfly on Oct 6, 2017

Arabia, 125 A.D. A rider crosses a battlefield filled with corpses, and dismounts when he comes to a particular corpse on the battlefield. He looks at the corpse and says that it's the one that he's been looking for, and takes the corpse back to the Lazarus Pit and tosses him in. After a minute, the dead man--Ra's--emerges alive from the waters. Ra's wonders how he can be alive, and his savior tells him that he must find his heir as the man found Ra's. He takes out a knife and gives it to Ra'…

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