Helen Hunt

The team track an outlier to 1937 Hollywood, and find a time-displaced Helen of Troy... along with Damien, Eleanor, and Kuasa. As the Legends battle the villain, Helen's presence alters the timeline and threatens to strand the heroes in 1937.


Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Nov 17, 2017

In Hollywood 1937, the studio extras and crew at Warner Brothers stare in awe as a woman walks by. A production assistant takes her to Stage 12, saying that Mr. Coleson is already in a mood. When the woman arrives, Arnold Coleson and his team stare at her in surprise and awe. Coleson figures that she's perfect and asks if she can do it on cue. She says that her name is Helen of Troy, and Coleson tells her that she is now as he takes her to the stage to begin filming. On Waverider, Nick tells Sar…

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