Episode 4

In Lyon, Lili is in charge of bringing food to the prisoners. She is staying with Victoria, and The Captain who has severed all ties with the Vichy government. There, she encounters Bertin and a handsome stranger named DIDOT (20). Victoria charges Lili with the mission of going to Paris and distributing the latest issue of Combat. Next morning, Velin gives Lili counterfeit identification papers. Her name is now Alice Le Gosse. He also gives her sheets of cardboard, on which each page of Combat has been carved out, thus enabling her to reproduce the paper in Paris.

Meanwhile, in the Limousin Mountains, Jeannot, The Prof and half a dozen resistance fighters, carry on their clandestine sabotage missions and print and distribute pamphlets calling for resistance.

Back in Paris, Lili joins her comrades at the Fer à Cheval: André, Cristina and Mrs. Elek, with her son Tommy. Despite warnings from his brother Bernard, still in prison, André continues the fight against the occupant, with his Youth Battalions comrades. He confides in Lili that a new attack is in the works. The next day, Tondelier and SCHONHAÄR are about to detonate a bomb in an anti-Bolshevik exhibit… but are captured by police. A little later, André, who is supposed to meet Lili beneath the Concorde Bridge, is also arrested, as Lili powerlessly looks on. Mr. and Mrs. Kirchen are devastated. And Lili is no longer safe: if André talks, she's done for. She must flee. But where? Upon finding out that Victoria has been arrested, she decides against heading to Lyon. She rings her parents in Nice, but her father refuses to take her in. Desperate, Lili heads to Paulette's, who puts her up in a room of her brothel.

At the Santé prison, young André is tortured. The Germans leave no doubt as to his upcoming fate: he will be put to death.

In the Doubs region, Fabien and a few patriots from the Valmy Company are organizing acts of resistance against the occupant. One night, the crew falls into a trap. Fabien is wounded, but manages to get away.

Three weeks later, at the Maison de la Chimie (House of Chemistry) in Paris, the trial of young Resistance fighters begins. Among the defendants are André, Bourdarias, Schoenhaär, Tondelier and Tourette, all accused of acts of sabotage, assassination attempts and bomb attacks against the Germans. The trial is officiated by the cruel prosecutor Gottlob. The trial is broadcast on the radio – in the brothel, Lili and Paulette listen to parts of it. The hearing lasts several days, during which the accused are questioned one after the other. They are certain to be sentenced to death. On judgment day, the sentences are served: they will all be put to death, except for André on account of his young age. André is furious. He wanted to fall with his comrades.

Meanwhile, still wanted by the Germans, Fabien decides to return to Paris with his wife and daughter.

Three months later, a handful of hostages stand near the execution posts on Mount Valerien. Among them is Bernard Kirchen. A German truck pulls up with more hostages, and among them… Mr. Kirchen, captured and accused of "terrorism" because of his family ties to André. The first group is tied to the posts. The Marseillaise plays over the scene. Bernard and his father embrace for the last time.

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