Jet Engine + Pickup Truck

After eluding killers in Finland, the team heads to Nigeria to put out a wellhead fire set by rebels to burn up the country's oil resources.



By Gadfly on Nov 4, 2017

In Finland, Mac and Jack are running from men chasing them. They contact, Matty, who says that she's arranging exfil. Jack barricades the door while Mac looks around for something to improvise for an escape. He finds a DVD burner, takes out the laser diode, removes the resister, and fits it into the flashlight housing. He uses the resulting laser beam to cut a hole in the roof, while the mercenaries beat on the door. They finally get through to discover that Mac and Jack have fled. Back in LA…

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Episode Discussion

Aidan posted a year ago

Those rebels are making Stormtroopers shooting look good.

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