Roy complains of a "tickle" in his throat, but dismisses John's suspicions that it is tonsillitis, noting that he had had his tonsils removed. A famous actor and former flame of Dixie's, is admitted to Rampart with chest pain, later suspected to be related to excessive MSG consumption, while his producer clamors for him to be released to finish filming his TV show. While Dr. Early deals with a hypochondriac, Boot the dog has surgery to remove a tick. The firefighters assist two kids stuck on top of a gas tank, several girls injured in a rough lacrosse game, and a fire at Olive View Hospital (damaged in the 1971 San Fernando earthquake) set by an arsonist that trapped four people results in Kelly being injured and taken to the hospital; there he is roomed with DeSoto, whose tonsils had, much to his consternation, grown back-and become tonsillitic as well, which had forced him to undergo another operation to have these regenerated tonsils removed.

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