Hello and Goodbye

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ChrisAmon posted a year ago

Do you know what happened to Tommy's alcoholic father Tommy Sr.? He was played by William Hickey as an actor for macabre character. Tommy Mullaney was play by John Spencer and he was having a fight in the hospital quarreling. Tommy Sr. was forced his son Tommy Jr. to get himself a cup, but he doesn't drink anymore. He says that isn't anymore. This is special. They'll toast to Tommy's new baby, he is having a baby with Roxanne and Tommy Sr. is gonna be a grandpa. Tommy doesn't want to drink with his alcoholic father. Tommy Sr. says this is a request. Don't he know he's... he's dying? After 7 years of being sober, does Tommy Sr. want his son Tommy Jr. to fall off the wagon out of pity? Tommy Sr. is drunk and he trying to screw his son Tommy Jr. up one last time and Tommy won't let him. Why did Tommy Sr. says, "Get out?" Tommy Sr. is not being nice because he's an alcoholic. And Tommy Jr. confronting and spit on his alcoholic father. Why did Tommy Sr. tells his son "out?" Tommy Jr. says, "Pop!" Why did Tommy Sr. got angry and says, "Get the hell outta here?" Why did Tommy turned and walk away to cool off? That's before he died of cardiac arrest off screen after pull out a hiding small bottle of liquor and pours it in his cup to drink by himself. I watched it on Youtube.

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