The Thing

Sam and Dean get a lead on the last item they need to open the rift: the Seal of Solomon, at a Men of Letters chapterhouse in Rhode Island. They soon discover something else: a woman imprisoned there for over 80 years. Meanwhile, Asmodeus teaches Ketch his place in the demon prince's hierarchy.


By Gadfly on Apr 6, 2018

Portsmouth, Rhode Island: 1925 Cultists chain a woman, Sandy Porter, to an altar and the leader mixes a potion. it the liquid glows and he holds his necklace with a crystal over the chalice. A rift forms in the ceiling and a tentacle reaches for the woman. In the bunker, Dean puts post-it notes on a sleeping Sam's back. Sam finally wakes up and Dean sits down at the kitchen table and asks what Sam is reading. His brother says that he found a reference to the Seal of Solomon, which says tha…

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