Necromancing the Stone

Sara gives into temptation and puts on the Death Totem... and Mallus possesses her body. Meanwhile, the Legends are trapped on Waverider and haunted by figures from their past, and Ava turns to John Constantine for help.


By Gadfly on Mar 26, 2018

On Waverider, fog fills the hallways and Sara walks through the mist. A child runs behind her into the messroom, and when Sara comes in, the child says that Sara thought she forgot about her. Sara wakes up from her nightmare, and Ava asks if she wants to talk about it. Ava says that she called out "John" in her sleep, and Sara explains that it's demonologist John Constantine. She admits that they slept together in 1969, but it was three weeks ago before she had a girlfriend. Ava is touche…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 9 months ago

Man oh man, having Rip back is always a great thing, and having John Constantine on is always superb!! I wish they'd make him a regular!

JuanArango posted 9 months ago

About time there was a good episode again :)

gmpugs posted 10 months ago

Sweet, Constantine will be back!

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