I, Ava

Gary come to Waverider asking for helping finding a missing Ava. Sara and Ray go with him and find a mystery in 2213. Meanwhile, Zari helps Mick train with his new powers, while Nate and Wally travel to Detroit 2018 to help Amaya's depowered granddaughter Mari.


By Gadfly on Apr 2, 2018

Waverider travels through the timestream, and Sara tells the team that she's not walking out on them. They say that they need her more than ever, but Sara explains that she needs a day to clear her head. She puts Amaya in charge, wisher her luck, and leaves. In the mess room, Mick is using his new powers to heat hot dogs. Zari suggests that he do it somewhere else but Mick pops popcorn instead. Amaya comes in and asks Mick if he's ready for training. Mick invites her to pull his finger again,…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 9 months ago

Mick is by far the best character on the show :)

gmpugs posted 9 months ago

Oh, and I live not far from Fresno, there's no way it looks that perfect. Or hilly.

gmpugs posted 9 months ago

Pull my finger... Oh, how I love Mick...

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