The Rankless Initiative

Lyta tries to use her new influence as a Sagitari commander to keep the troops from wiping out the Rankless searching for Black Zero. Meanwhile, Seg and Adam try to find Brainiac's Sentry and prevent it from sending information to its master giving way Krypton's viability for conquest.


By Gadfly on Apr 5, 2018

Seg and Adam return to the Fortress and the Val hologram appears. Val knows that what they have is one of Brainiac's probes, and they need Val to analyze it. The hologram has them put it on a scanner and Val determines that the item is a casing that contained a Sentry. He explains that the Snetry is parasitic, taking over a host's body and then uses the host to gather information. It then sends the information to Brainiac and leaves the host dead. Val warns that once they open the probe shell, t…

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